Best Speech and Language Websites

Here’s a list of the Top 75 speech pathology websites and blogs that we think speech language pathologists and parents of kids with speech and language disorders should follow in 2015.

UPDATE – Here is a list of the best 100 speech pathology websites and blogs. On the original top 75 list, we intentionally left numbers 71 through 75 blank and asked for nominations. We received lots and lots of nominations and many requests for us to expand the list to the top 100 via comments on the site, email and social media. We were so happy to receive such great input. We added the last 5 and 25 more. 

You can see the details of the scoring criteria here.

* My business partner was a partner in a very successful digital advertising agency for 15 years before he sold his share of the company.  His agency created countless websites for companies like P&G and Exxon.

Introducing the first annual:

Kidmunicate Top 75 Speech Pathology Websites / Blogs for 2015 Plus 25 More.

Rank Link Description
1 Kidmunicate_Top_Website_2015 ASHA – Whether you are looking for information regarding continuing education, industry relevant government legislation or private practice management information, this is THE leading source of information for the industry. Plus it’s a great resource for parents who want to know more about a disorder and where to find an SLP.
2 Kidmunicate Top Website Teachers Pay Teachers – The world’s first open marketplace for teacher-created resources with 1,300,000+ product listings and 4+ million registered users. This site is referenced on so many other SLP sites which can only mean that it is very important to the SLP Community. So here it is at number 2.
3 Kidmunicate_Top_75 Autism Speaks – The leading source of information on Autism. Every SLP should follow this site to keep up-to-date on the latest Autism discoveries.
4 Kidmunicate_Top_75_Blog Noah’s Dad – Life experiences of a dad of a child with Down Syndrome. While not strictly a speech and language site, it does touch on subject often and SLPs and parents can learn a lot.
5 ASHASphere ASHASphere – The latest and greatest industry information from multiple experts. Plus a strong social following.
6 Kidmunicate_Top_75_Website Speech Room News – A site full of energy from the community leader of #slpeeps. This site connects and engages the SLP community with the latest tips, toys, materials, events, link parties, etc.
7 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Teach Me to Talk – Information, podcasts, links, reviews, videos and so much more to help parents and professionals to teach kids to talk.
8 Top Website for 2015 Kidmunicate Sublime Speech – This blog is about spicing up therapy with fun activities, technology, creative materials, and more! Enjoy this fresh little slice of speech therapy with a twist! One of the best designed sites. It is fun and clean.
9 SP_logo Advance Health Network for Speech and Hearing – A comprehensive site with lots of timely and relevant industry information including several specialized SLP blogs.
10 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Playing with Words 365 – A strong website on the blogher network. It is filled with helpful information about speech and language disorders for parents and helpful and inspiring ideas for SLPs.
11 Speechy_Musings Speechy Musings – A clean site with great energy and ideas to inspire and inform SLPs.
12 Kidmunicate Top 75 Play on Words – Speech and language expert Sherry Artemenko recognizes exceptional toys, games and books that encourage language, spark fun and invite creative play. This is the home of the PAL awards.
13 Kidmunicate Top 75 Speech Therapy Ideas – A well designed, organized and focused site with lots of materials, ideas and activities for loyal followers.
14 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 The Speech Bubble SLP – The design is welcoming, the content is strong and it’s updated frequently. A great resource for SLPs.
15 Kidmunicate Top 75 Speech Buddies – A warm and soothing design for a website of great SLP products and a zipped activated local SLP referral page. There’s also a blog with posts from various expert that is updated often. The only problem is that the blog is hard to find in the footer of the home page.
16 Kidmunicate Top 75 Super Power Speech – A blog with a long history (2005). It’s a filled with ideas, insights and enthusiasm.
17 Kidmunicate Top 75 Home Speech Home – A blog with lots of great free resources for parents and SLPs including free access to 30,000 words on multiple therapy lists and a link to the Word Vault, an app that organizes those 30,000 words on your iPad for interactive therapy. The app costs a few dollars, but it has some good reviews.
18 "KIdmunicate Speech Therapy Clinic" Kidmunicate – We know a bit self-serving, but we put our site through the same ranking criteria and this is where it netted out. We had the advantage of getting a professionally designed site. Plus this site is different. It does not have activities and freebies. There are plenty of great sites for that. What makes this site one to watch in 2015 is the growing SLP reference dictionary / glossary, this blog ranking, the Autism Mandate Infographic and more. We are just getting started and we are committed to content.
19 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog
Apps for Children with Special Needs – A great place to easily discover and shop for apps for children with special needs.
20 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Jake’s Journey – Life experiences of children with Apraxia and their moms. Powerfully insightful contributions from 4 moms and an SLP.
21 Kidmunicate Top 75 Website Allison’s Speech Peeps – A clean fun site with lots of craftivities, freebies and ideas for SLPs.
22 Kidmunicate Top 75 Website Dr Robert Melillo – A site from a specialist in childhood neurological disorders including autism spectrum disorders, PDD/NOS, ADD/ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, bipolar disorder, and other mental, attention, behavioral and learning disorders.
23 Kidmunicate Top 75
Crazy Speech World – Ideas and activities from a school-based, craft-making, Jesus-loving, beach-bumming SLP. In a word, fun.
24 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Home Sweet Speech Room – Step-by-step advice from a blog that has been around for a while. Plus a cool activities of the month club “Birchbox” idea for SLPs call Peekapak.
25 Kidmunicate Top 75 Website Pediastaff – A source for SLPs looking for a job. For SLPs happily employed the site offers great informational resources too.
Rank Link Description
26 Kidmunicate_Top_Bog Apraxia Kids – The main source for Childhood Apraxia of Speech for families, researchers and professionals.
27 Kidmunicate Top 75 Blog Speechie Freebies – A collaborative blog that brings SLP freebies from the best speech-language pathologist bloggers. You will see the Speech Freebies logo on a lot of the sites listed here.
28 Kidmunicate Top 75
All Y’all Need – Clean design, consistent and updated content and creative ideas. What more do y’all need?
29 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog
Ages and Stages – A resource of up-to-date, evidence-based and easy-to-apply techniques for feeding, speech and mouth development for parents and professionals. Few sites concentrate on feeding like this one.
30 Kidmunicate Top 75 Two Brothers One Journey – The daily experiences of a Christian, wife and mother of two very special boys with Autism on opposite ends of the spectrum. The site chronicles the daily struggles that most people cannot even fathom. The mission of the blog is to educate the world on autism.
31 Kidmunicate Top 75 Mommy Speech Therapy – Ideas, advice and free worksheets organized in an intuitive manner on a clean and welcoming website.
32 Top 75 Website Kidmunicate SpeechTechie – Educational interactive technologies explained by an SLP and Instructional Technology Specialist or as we would describe it, a techie.
33 Top Website Kidmunicate Start a Therapy Practice – Here is a site from an OT that you haven’t seen on many SLP blog rolls, but it should be included on all. It’s a great source of information regarding the business side of a therapy practice, including specific speech and language therapy practice advice. The monthly podcasts are packed with practical advice and the SLP Private Practice survey is insightful.
34 Top 75 Website The Imums – The latest news literally from around the world regarding apps for kids. The site is filled with interesting articles, developer interviews, free apps and regular giveaways. While the site reviews all apps for kids, they have a section dedicated to special needs kids.
35 Kidmunicate Top 75 Blog List The Jigsaw Tree Blog – A thoughtfully designed, community based Autism Spectrum Resource with great articles and links.
36 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Future SLPs – A resource to inspire, motivate and aid aspiring SLPs unsure of what career direction to take upon entering college and for individuals who have chosen to major in Speech Language Pathology.
37 Kidmunicate Top Blog Speech Universe – Step-by-step SLP advice on activities mixed in with life experiences.
38 Top Blog Kidmunicate Practically Speeching – A consistent source of speech and language therapy ideas, activities, apps and inspiration all organized nicely.
39 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Teach Speech 365 – A site that has provided ideas, inspiration and fun for SLPs for the last 365 days times 2.
40 Top Blog 2015 Kidmunicate Cooking Up Good Speech / Speech Snacks – The site was developed to help kids speak well and eat well. Ideas, activities and product reviews in a welcoming environment.
41 Top Blog for 2015 Kidmunicate Chew Chew Mama – The focus of this blog is feeding which is an underserved topic on SLP blogs. This site does a nice job conveying info that is easy to digest.
42 Top Website 2015 KIdmunicate Speech Time Fun – SLP activities, ideas, reviews. One of the most consistent sites. 15 blog posts per month minimum for 3 years and approaching 2M page views. Miss Speech has a lot of content and an audience.
43 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog SLP Echo – Detailed advice for SLPs just starting out. Advice for starting a clinical fellowship, selecting a grad school, writing a letter of intent etc. Plus an Alaskan point of view to make it all that more interesting.
44 Kidmunicate Top Website The Dabbling Speechie – A consistent source of SLP ideas and inspiration since September of 2012.
45 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Make Room for the Stuttering – Someone once told Pamela A Mertz, the StuttererRockStar, that stuttering has no positive socially redeeming value. Well, she is here to tell you that’s ABSOLUTELY not true. A profound and deeply personal account of life as a stutterer. It will give an SLP and parents of stutterers perspective.
46 Top Blog 2015 Kidmunicate The Speech Dudes – This SLP blog is not your normal SLP blog. It’s edgy and often has nothing to do with speech pathology but when it does it is informative. They say they are going to post more this year. We are hoping they do.
47 Kidmunicate_Top_Blog
Erik X Raj Speech Pathologist – A site with helpful and innovative ideas for SLPs via posts and videos that are injected with some humor. Plus apps created by Erik.
48 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Activity Tailor – Designed for use by speech-language pathologists, educators and parents, Activity Tailor offers engaging activities for speech and language development. This includes adapting classic games for new uses, freebies and candid app/product reviews.
49 Top Blog Kidmunicate Omazing Kids – A fun site for inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities. The benefits of meditation and yoga by an SLP with 23 years experience. Interesting.
50 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas – This is a professional site focused toward parents. It gives a depth of information in an easy use way.
Rank Link Description
51 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Queen’s Speech – Insights from an SLP that are new and different, plus activities and ideas.
52 Kidmunicate Top Blog Pam Marshalla – The Speech Pathology Answers and Advice blog is a wealth of expert information from a top MS CCC-SLP in the field.
53 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Let’s Talk with Whitney SLP – A nice blog and is easy to read and loaded with ideas and inspiration for SLPs.
54 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Speech2U – Therapy ideas, resources and thoughts from an SLP.
55 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Did I stutter – A blog from two disability studies scholars and stutterers that provides an alternative way of thinking about speech and communication disabilities. They have made a commitment to empower stuttering voices everywhere, and to hear the diversity of sounds present in the human voice. It’s insightful and often poetic.
56 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Inspontaneous Speech – A resource for parents, SLPs and teachers. Therapy materials, tools and an up-to-date blog with activities and adaptive game ideas.
57 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Early Intervention Speech Therapy Blog on the Advance Health Network – An Early Intervention blog with personal reflections, experiences, details and insights. It includes interviews with field experts and parents involved in the early intervention process, information on numerous syndromes, diseases and disorders and recommendations for books, websites and other helpful resources.
58 Top Blog 2015 Kidmunicate The Stuttering Brain – This site provides people who stutter, friends and family of stutterers and clinicians or academics in the field with a unique and honest insight into the science, the treatments and the controversies surrounding stuttering.
59 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Speaking of Speech – The largest interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers.
60 Kidmunicate Top Website 2015 Lesson Pix – This is THE place for custom learning materials.
61 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Speech Blog UK – A site from two speech therapists from across the pond. They spell some words kind of funny, but that’s not reason to exclude it from the 75 Favourite sites. It was also listed as a Top 100 Educational Blog in the UK.
62 Kidmunicate Top Website 2015 Speech Langauage Resources – If you are seeking speech-language resources that will engage students, then look here.
63 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 SLP Runner – Some uniquely creative ideas for therapy and a little bit about running.
64 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Miss Thrifty SLP – A school based SLP who shares ways to save money on materials and activities. Plus some common core language, reading and math info.
65 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Let’s Talk Speech Therapy – No freebies, just insightful information on being an SLP.
66 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 A Special Kind of Class – Ideas and Freebies, plus insightful information about being an SLP.
67 LanguageFix The Language Fix – A blog from a speech and language pathologist who’s really interested in language. The primary objectives of the site is to provide insights to language learning and to point out some interesting aspects of language.
68 Kidmunicate Top Blog 2015 Schoolhouse Talk – A school based SLP sharing her therapy ideas and thoughts. Plus Funny Friday posts.
69 Top Blog Kidmunicate Speech Therapy with a Twist – This blog has ideas for adapting games and activities for speech therapy. You can also find app and book reviews and an extensive list of resource blog links.
70 Top Blog 2015 Kidmunicate Simply Speech – A site with a welcoming design, freebies, giveaways and ideas. Lots of ideas.
71 Kidmunicate Best Blog HearSay LW – An audiologist makes the list with a great resource for both parents and professionals. It’s probably the only blog on the list that has auditory verbal therapy and cochlear implant rehabilitation info.
72 AgeofAutism Age of Autism A website that gives voice to those who believe autism is an environmentally induced illness, that it is treatable, and that children can recover. For the most part, the major media in the United States aren’t interested in that point of view, so this website tries to fill the void.
73 Unknown Smart Apps for Special Needs Lots of informative posts and well organized info regarding the latest and greatest apps.
74 SpeechPathologycom – An industry leader in the area of online continuing education.
75 Yapp_Guru Yappguru – The latest apps with expert reviews plus hints on how to use the apps in therapy. Many of the SLPs who have blogs on this list are Yapp Guru experts. A fantastic free resource.
Rank Link Description
76 Autism_Daily_News Autism Daily Newscast –  a daily report on current events of interest and importance to those on the autism spectrum and those who love them. They focus on current issues regarding health concerns, lifestyle, research and technology as it relates to autism spectrum disorder.
77 signingtime Signing Time – The place to go for Rachel Coleman’s award winning sign language products.
78 Busybee Busy Bee Speech – This site has great content for fluency, organizational tips and what’s happening in her speech room from a proud Christian SLP. We feel blessed to have found this site and its perspective.
79 TwinSpeech Twin Speech Language and Literacy – So glad that someone recommended this site for our list. We wish we had discovered this site earlier. Beautiful design, strong content. Beautiful design strong content by twins.
80 SpeechSprouts Speech Sprouts Therapy – Great content, a really nice design and an intuitive user experience. This site will grow on you.
81 Lostandtired Lost and Tired – A single dad with 3 special needs kids shares his experiences. In a word, authentic.
82 DysphagiaRamblings Dysphagia Ramblings – A blog about swallowing that this list would not be complete without.
83 DynamicTherapy Dynamic Therapy – Detailed posts with insightful commentary on AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication.
84 Speechissweet Speech is Sweet – Sweet freebies and ideas on a cheerful site.
85 Oldschoolspeech Old Speech School – A blog that like to link the community together, plus some really good content.
86 RockChalk Rock Chalk Speech Talk – A University of Kansas alum (that explains the Rock Chalk) who is addicted to Pinterest, polka dots and pink shares her creative ideas.
87 sparklleslpbutton SparklleSLP – Two bloggers, two Ls in Sparklle and lots of ideas for SLPs.
88 10641238_685966888154806_8818071890361229046_n Speechtivities – A digital marketplace for speech therapists to buy and sell materials that they create. Why not get paid for that creativity?
89 TalkingTalk Talking Talk – A YappGuru with tips for parents and educators all the way from South Africa.
90  FigurativelySpeeching Figuratively Speeching SLP – Several people nominated this site despite the limited number of posts all of which are good. Jess is active on social media, so that is probably the best place to find her ideas.
91  PuttingWordsInMouth Putting Words In Your Mouth – Here is another site that was nominated by several readers of the original list. Only one post per month, but they are worth the time. Follow Mia via social media where she is very active.
92  consonantly-speaking-banner Consonantly Speaking – Another blogger who is more active on social media than on her website, but it is definitely a blog worth bookmarking for therapy ideas, app reviews and worksheets.
93  Smarttalkers Smart Talkers – SLP, I mean SLT ideas and info from across the pond in the UK.
94  SpeechUmbrella The Speech Umbrella – A southern blogger with an emphasis on auditory verbal training talks about everything under the speech umbrella.
95 ALL4MyChildren All 4 My Children – Another site that was nominated a few times. Some cool custom apps and a blog. Make sure you follow the social media which is much more active than the blog.
96  SocialThinking Social Thinking – Socializing is intuitive for most, but can be unnatural to others. Michelle Garcia Winner targets improving individual social thinking abilities, regardless of diagnostic label. A great resource for SLPs.
97  Natalie_Synder Natalie Snyder’s SLP –  There are not many new bloggers featured on the list, but this one is off to a great start. This site is filled with content to make life easier and a bit more beautiful for fellow school SLPs!
98  SpeechlanguagePirates Speech Language Pirates – A La Salle University Pirate shares her ideas and skills on a blog and social media.
99  HealthGrades  Health Grades – a resource for parents to find SLPs and for SLPs to be found.
100 Top Resource for SLPs Kidmunicate Scrappin Doodles – This site seems to be the go to source for SLPs who like to create their own materials, so we put it on the list.