Kindergarten Readiness Classes Forming Now – Starting Week of July 9, 2018

Parents of children who we treat for speech, language and social disorders asked us to develop a Kindergarten Readiness Program to give their kids a little head start. So we did just that and we are opening it up for any kid who might need it.

Enroll in the Kidmunicate Kindergarten Readiness Program Developed by a Certified Educator and Speech Pathologist.

The Kidmunicate Kindergarten Readiness Program will consist of educationally engaging activities to prepare children for what’s to come in Kindergarten. Children will have the opportunity to socialize among same-age peers in a setting designed to give them a sense of a classroom atmosphere. The lessons and associated activities are designed with the standards of a kindergarten curriculum in mind, and will help build a solid foundation for your child as they enter this exciting year of school! The program has been developed by and will be presented by Kelly Kurnz. Kelly is a certified educator and speech/language therapist. She will be assisted by a speech/language intern.   

Program Details

The program will start the week of July 9th and run for 6 weeks. Classes will be held once a week for an hour. Class size is limited to 5 but may be as small as 3. The cost will be $40 a class for a total of $200. Sambla is offering financial aid for qualified applicants. The 6th week was added to accommodate vacations and other summer plans. Class schedule (days / times) will be based on demand.

BONUS Your child may attend all 6 classes for $200.

Call 484-367-7131 to see what times are available.  We will be forming groups based on availability. Space is limited.