Top Apps for Speech and Language Development

Top 100+ Apps for Speech-Language Development

Apps are an important part of language and speech therapy. Here’s a list of 100 plus apps for Speech-Language Development used and recommended by speech pathologists. This list will help you select the best ones for your child.

The Best iPad Apps For Speech-Language Development

Kidmunicate loves to use the iPad for speech and language therapy. We have assembled a nice collection of apps and we are constantly on the lookout for new ones.

Follow the links below to see which SLP iPad Apps we use for the following focus areas:

Here are the top 9 reasons to incorporate iPad apps for Speech-Language Development into your practice.

  1. iPads and apps are easy to use.
    • Children of all ages and abilities (including children with autism and Down’s Syndrome) gravitate to iPads and intuitively know how to use them.
  2. The vivid animated images and captivating sounds on the iPad apps grab the attention of children who are often easily distracted.
  3. Apps are cost-efficient for speech-language therapy
    • Many apps have free versions that allow SLPs to try an app out with little risk.
    • The low relative cost of apps compared to traditional tools allows an SLP to build an impressive library of speech therapy tools cost-efficiently.
      • See a cost comparison of iPad apps vs traditional materials. The cost savings are impressive.
  4. Parents can easily download affordable apps on their own iPads or smartphones so they can extend the learning in their homes.
  5. iPads loaded with apps are easier to carry around from classroom to classroom or client to client compared to carrying multiple sets of flashcards, books, and toys.
  6. Some apps allow therapists to track data that can be used for SOAP notes.
  7. Some apps have the ability to record the sounds, syllables, words, and phases produced by a child.
    • The immediate audio feedback is wonderful
    • Saved recordings show improvement over time.
  8. There are specific iPad apps for many speech and language focus areas.
  9. Developers are constantly making new apps, so you will never run out of engaging material.

Why not 10 reasons? I left that blank so that you can add your reasons in the comments below