Here is our 7th annual list of the best speech and language websites that we think speech-language pathologists and parents of kids with speech and language disorders should follow this year.

To uncover the best speech and language websites, we visit over 350 websites each year. We deleted 4 sites from the list and added 15 completely new ones and welcomed back 1.

Here is what you will find in the Best Speech and Language Pathology Websites and Blogs

  • New for 2021
    • Social Media – Like last year, we noticed that some great content producers were putting less effort into their blogs and more emphasis on their social media channels, so we added links to Facebook pages and noted the number of followers.
    • Covid – Covid-19 has changed the way SLPs do their therapy. We added Teletherapy platforms and other technology solutions to the list.
    • Diversity – The call to action for racial and ethnic equality in the field of Speech-Language Pathology is emerging, so we wanted to do our part to increase awareness around the issue by featuring some new diverse voices.
  • Like always you will find:
    • A wonderful list of blogs and Facebook links to great content developed and published by accomplished and passionate SLPs.
    • Resource websites where SLPs can find evidence-based research, clip art and jobs and much more.
    • Websites that specialize in a particular disorder – autism, voice, Down syndrome, childhood apraxia, stuttering, cerebral palsy, etc.
    • Websites that focus on relevant technology.

Our goal is to maintain the most relevant and up-to-date list, so every year we cut some sites due to inactivity, insufficient activity or other reasons (i.e. broken links). Some sites were simply replaced by websites that we thought were better, more useful or covered a topic that was more unique to the list. Here is a link to Speech and Language Pathology relevant websites that have made the list over the previous 6 years.

It takes a lot of time to assemble the list. We love to discover great content and share it. We also love it when we get links back to our site via a simple link, inclusion in a blogroll, or by posting our Top 100 badge (see below for the code). For those who do this, thank you.

We are always on the lookout for new sites. You can nominate your own site, plenty do, or tell us about sites we may have missed. We will add them to the consideration list for the 2022 Kidmunicate Top Blogs and Websites for Speech and Language Pathology.

The list is broken out into categories to make it easier to find the most relevant sites. General SLP Blogs, Resource Websites, SLP Disorder Websites, SLP Technology Websites

Link Description
Activity Tailor a Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Activity Tailor – Still creating independent learners with perfect fit activities that transfer fluidly from the therapy room to the classroom to the home. Facebook Followers 11,200 (8,000 Facebook followers were added in 2020. Impressive.)
 ASHA_Leader_Blog ASHA Leader Blog – This site is on the list because it has lots of timely and relevant information from experts and not because they featured one of our stories on their Blogjam. It is a well-organized site that links to an ASHA Facebook page followed by 159,272 people.
Beautiful Speech Life – Anne is mostly known for making AAC (augmentative alternative communication) a little less scary. Anne beautifully educates, creates, and inspires. Anne does not blog much anymore, but she shares her AAC expertise on her Facebook page to her 3,790 followers.
Building Successful Lives Logo Building Successful LivesNew to the list for 2021 – Tamara Anderson is an educational specialist and consultant, she promotes student gains in communication, language, and literacy. She shares her specialized training in educational assessment, curriculum design, differentiated instruction, and special education for diverse learners. and Facebook page will find some encouragement and inspiration. Building Successful Lives Facebook Page has 620 followers.
Busy Bee Speech – As a school-based SLP, Lauren knows first hand just how crazy managing a caseload and balancing life really is. Lauren is a proud Christian who hopes and prays visitors to her site and Facebook page will find some encouragement and inspiration.Lauren has 9,936 followers on the Busy Bee SLP Facebook page.
Top Blog 2015 Kidmunicate Cooking Up Good Speech / Speech Snacks –  The site was developed to help kids speak well and eat well. Ideas, activities, recipes and product reviews in delicious posts. Again – we are seeing a shift from blogging to Facebook. The good info to snack on is there. Facebook followers 3,297
Crazy Speech World – This is a site with a very positive vibe. Check out Jenn’s cool ideas from a school-based SLP. Jenn keeps here blog active and consistently treats her 18,476 followers on her Facebook page.
Creating Communicators Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017
Creating Communicators –  This blogger has consistently delivered 60+ posts per year. And the content is consistently good. She added On-line Therapy two years ago. Check it out. She has 1023 followers on her Facebook Page
Language During Mealtime Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2020 Language During Meatltime –  This site used to be called Gravity Bread. It has a new name and logo. Becca, a mom, wife, author, and speech pathologist shares her passion for children’s literature, language, and baking. She thinks mealtime is the ideal time to teach children social skills, caring for our earth, and healthy eating. She added podcasts in 2020. She has 847 followers on her Facebook page which is still under @Gravitybread.
Hear Say LW Top Kidmunicate Blog HearSay LW – Visit this site if you need information on cochlear implant rehabilitation, auditory verbal therapy, and auditory processing. Its the only site on the list from an audiologist. Lynn has 3,748 followers on her Facebook page.
In Spontaneous Speech Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 In Spontaneous Speech – An SLP who shares over thirty years of experience in long thoughtful blog posts filled with therapy materials, tools, activities and adaptive game ideas. She has 392 followers on Facebook.
Jill Kuzma Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Jill Kuzma’s SLP Social & Emotional Skills Sharing Site – Jill Kuzma site have over 7 Million hits because it provides expert guidance for educators needing insights to help children with social/emotional language skills. Jill has a Facebook page with 2,826 followers (down from 3,200), here it is, but she does not update it.
Kidz Learn Language Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Kidz Learn Language – We added this site three years ago and for good reason. Susan Berkowitz continues to add posts filled with tips, ideas, and resources for developing language in children with significant or complex communication disorders. She added 16 this year and is quite active on her Facebook page with 1,255 followers.
Let's talk with Whitney SLP Top Kidmunicate Blog Let’s Talk with Whitney SLO – Whitney is a SLP from the south. She shares her love for DIY and Graphic design on her site and on her Facebook page that has 2,484 followers.
Looks Like Language Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Looks Like Language – New look and logo. Linda retired from a school system after 36 years, but she is still helping kids. She also helps SLPs by blogging tips, ideas, and crafts. She is active on her Facebook page with 1.064 followers.
Make Take & Teach Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Make, Take & Teach – Julie, a teaching consultant for special education, provides teachers with multi-sensory activities that align with assessments commonly administered in schools to meet the needs of all learners within their classroom. Julie has an impressive 43,649 followers on her Facebook page.
Me the SLP Top Kidmunicate Blog ME the SLP – Marilouise Elizabeth is fulfilling her passion as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist. She is committed to anti-racism, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion in the world of therapy. She is a featured blogger on Dotcom therapy. Marilouise has has 101 followers on her Facebook page.
My Speech Universe Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 My Speech Universe – We love Jen’s step by step style which makes reading her blogs as easy as it is worthwhile. Explore her site and her Facebook page that attracts 5,179 followers.
  Natalie Snyders SLP –  Natalie’s goal is to make life easier and a bit more beautiful for fellow school SLPs. Well, we think that she continues to do just that. Natalie is very active on Facebook with 19,483 followers.
 Nicole_Kolenda_Logo Nicole KolendaNew to the list for 2021 – Nicole, a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, NYU professor and mentor, runner and mother, has spent the last 20 years finding possibilities in people. Helping children create their literal voices, graduates and clinicians create new possibilities for themselves and those they serve, or women – especially you moms – create hope when they feel alone. Great blog and podcasts to discover on the website and on her Facebook Page (27,107 followers).
Kidmunicate_100_Best_Blog Old Speech School – This Tennessee blogger, with 30 plus years of experience, shares her insights for SLPs. She does not have a link on her website for her Facebook page that has 1,207 followers.
Panda Speech – A Texas SLP gives parents, teachers, and SLPs valuable tips and resources to encourage carryover of speech and language skills into the classroom, home,  and community! Mandi does not post often, only 3 posts in 2020. She is very active on social media though. Facebook followers 4,099
Play on Words Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Play on Words –  Sherry Artemenko, a Speech and language expert, helps SLPs, teachers, and parents find toys, games and books that encourage language development and creative play. Bookmark this site. Sherry only has a link to her personal Facebook page.
PrACCtical ACC Top Kidmunicate Blog PrAACtical AACNew to the list for 2021 – PrAACtical AAC seeks to improve the level of AAC services available to individuals with significant communication challenges by supporting speech-language pathologists and other interested stakeholders. This site does a great job and their Facebook page with 30,537 followers is a must follow too.
Putting Words in your mouth Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Putting Words In Your Mouth – Mia, a Louisiana Blogger, creates long and comprehensive posts filled with lots of big pictures and even bigger ideas. She had lots of Covid-19 advice for SLPs in 2020. Follow Mia via Facebook where she is very active with 5,694 followers.
Rakovic SLP Chat Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Rakovic SLP Chat – The site is on the edublogs platform. You won’t find crafty ideas or freebies on Patricia Rakovic website. No, this amazingly credentialed speech and language pathologist and clinical supervisor at the University of Rhode Island, set up this blog to assist her clinical students. I am sure her students are sought after. Patricia is not big on Facebook.
Simply Speech Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Simply Speech – We love this site. It is consistently good and always so positive. She added 16 posts in 2020 including one on fashion. Visit here often for freebies, giveaways, and ideas. @kcummingsslp is active on her Facebook page and topped 10K followers in 2020 (10,755 followers).
SLP Now Logo Top Kidmunicate Blog SLP NowNew to the list for 2021 – So glad we found this site. Marisha is a school-based SLP. The goal of this site is it to help SLPs regain control over caseloads and confidence in their therapy. She provides strategies and therapy activities to simplify therapy and conquer caseloads. She must have some great ideas because Marisha has 15,028K followers on Facebook.
 Smarttalkers Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Smart Talkers – If you want a perspective from across the pond in England, Libby Hill, SLT,  publishes interesting posts that are well written and organized. You and your mum will love it. Libby added 13 posts in 2020, and remains very active on their Facebook page with 8,651 followers.
Sparklle SLP Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 SparklleSLP – On Sparklle (SPeaking About Remarkable Kids Learning Language Everyday) you can find research, routines, strategies and tips, lesson plans, adaptations, and free materials. It is consistently good. They are also active on Facebook with 1,809 followers.
Speech and Language Kids Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Speech and Language Kids – Back for the third year, Speech and Language Kids is the place where our speech-language therapists often go for answers based on current research. It is loaded with awesome activities, easy-to-follow plans and AHSA approved CEU opportunities via webinars. The SLP Solution an exclusive membership program. The SLP Solution Facebook page has 45,922 followers. WOW.
Speech Blog UK Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Speech Blog UK – We always look for different approaches, so why not look across the pond. It’s always one of our favourite sites and a Top 100 Educational Blog in the UK. They did not post in 2020 and activity is waning on their Facebook page, but we will keep them on the list because 2020 was a tough year. They have 5,220 followers on their Facebook Page
Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Speech Chick – Back for another year on the list. It is a high energy site by a Texas-lovin’, candy eatin’, Dr Pepper drinkin’ redhead who LOVES speech therapy! In 2020, Melissa has added Youtube videos for parents. Check out her Facebook page too with 1,372 followers.
Kidmunicate_Top_Blog Speech Clinic – This site originates down under in Australia. It features videos – Speech Pathology, The Animated Series. These captivating videos were developed to help educators and parents understand speech pathology. It’s a site you need to see. See her Facebook page with 218 followers too.
Speech is Beautiful – New logo for 2020. An SLP who has worked in lots of settings, rural, suburban, and urban, has created a blog with English, Spanish, and bilingual speech and language development resources.  Visita il sito. Sarah Wu has over 120 videos on her YouTube channel that you need to check out.
Speechissweet Speech is Sweet –  Sweet freebies and detailed ideas on a cheerful site. There were only 7 posts in 2017, so this blog dropped off the list, but Scarlett from Cincinnati posted 70 times in 2018 and jumped right back where it belongs. There were no posts in 2020, but here it stays because Scarlett is very active posting for 20,769 followers on Facebook.
Speech Room News – News from her speech room to yours. Jenna has been a very consistent blogger since 2011 with over 750 posts.  Jenna has an impressive 44,937 followers on her Facebook page.
Speech Time Fun – Great reviews, videos and engaging therapy activities from Miss Speechie. It’s always good. Check out the Speech Time Fun videos on YouTube. Hallie has 31,368 followers on Facebook.
Speech Sprouts Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Speech Sprouts Therapy – This site sprouted out great content again this past year. It features long detailed posts, but they are easy to read. Speech Sprouts have a Facebook page that has 3,659 followers.
Speechy Musings Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Speechy Musings – New website and Logo. Shannon’s has a great site filled with timely and relevant content. She has 20,044 Facebook fans, 3,500 more than last year, so she must be doing something right. Here website claims over 50,000 5 star ratings on TPT. Wow.
Super Power Speech Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Super Power Speech – A super powerful and consistently good site for speech and language therapy ideas, and insights. One of the best bloggers in the industry. Facebook page with 9,105 followers.
Kidmunicate Best 100 Blog for 2018 Talking Talk – Each month get tips and tricks for speech and language therapy all the way from South Africa. In other words, this site is lekker. (South African Lexicon – Lekker means superb or fantastic.) Visit Nikki Facebook page with 730 followers.
Teaching Talking Logo Kidmunicate Best 100 Blog Teaching TalkingNew to the list for 2021 – Three moms, Kathryn, Ruth, and Jamiee, from one of my favorite places to visit, Ireland offer advice on a blog and beautiful, organized, and original printable educational materials. The website does not offer a link to the Teaching Talking Facebook page, but 15,560 people have found it and follow it.
Teach Me to Talk Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Teach Me to Talk – Look for the podcasts, links, reviews, and videos that help parents and professionals to teach kids to talk. You will not find a Facebook link on Laura’s site, find it here. (14,160 followers). You also need to check out the Teach Me to Talk Youtube channel that has 39,200 subscribers.
Teach Speech 365 Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Teach Speech 365 – Year after year, this 7-year-old site provides ideas, inspiration and fun ideas for SLPs. Look at her Facebook page with 5,812 followers.
The Dabbling Speechie Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 The Dabbling Speechie – Typically a dabbler is not an expert, but this SLP seems to do know what she is talking about. Felice has 30,696 followers on her Facebook page so she must have some great ideas to share.
The Speech Bubble Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 The Speech Bubble SLP – This site added 13 posts this past year, and has 0ver 90 pages of really strong blog posts.  The site’s goal is to remind SLPs why they love the job or maybe find a way to love it again and to help SLPs save time so they can focus on their students/clients. The real magic happens on Facebook (28,816 followers) and other social media.
TwinSpeech Top Kidmunicate Blog for 2017 Twin Speech Language and Literacy – Visit this site for original theme based materials that are both useful and fun! There were only 7 posts in 2020, but you’ll find plenty of activity on the Twin Speech Facebook page that has 3,264

Click the tab at the top of the list for SLP Resource websites, Specific Disorder websites and Technology websites.

Link Description
ABA Resources – ABA Educational Resources is committed to being a leading-edge website providing practical resource materials for families and professionals using educational strategies for children with autism. Their goal is to facilitate the delivery of ABA resource materials at a free and/or affordable cost.
Kidmunicate Top Website Advanced Psychology – Child Psychology Resources –  This site was developed by an extremely capable group of psychologists in Toronto. It is a great resource for insights regarding child psychology issues typically associated with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and learning disabilities.
ASHA Top Kidmunicate Website for 2017 ASHA – Quite frankly the first place to go for the latest information in the industry about speech, language, and hearing topics. It includes information on government legislation and private practice management too.  Parents use this site to find an SLP.
ASHA Evidence Maps Top Kidmunicate Website for 2017 ASHA Evidence Maps – This is a part of the ASHA site, but merited a separate listing here because it provides clinicians, researchers, clients, and caregivers evidence-based tools and tips. The site highlights external sources like scientific evidence, clinical experts, and client/caregiver perspectives.
Best for the kids Kidmunicate Best Website Best For The Kids – This is not a website specific to Speech and Language Development, but this well-designed site has toy ideas arranged by age and categories, like educational toys, pretend play toys, and music toys.
Bilinquist Kidmunicate Best Blog Bilinguistics – If English is the second language for one of your kiddos with a speech or language disorder, look here for some answers.
Duquesne Univeristy Kidmunicate Best Blog Duquesne UniversityNew to the list for 2021 – Duquesne Unversity has a list of picture books organized by vowel sounds – short A, long A, short E, long E, short I, long I, short O, long O, double O, short U and long U.
Future SLPs Top Kidmunicate Website for 2017 Future SLPs – The blog was dead on the site, but showed some signs of life again at the and of 2018. That’s great, but the real reason for this listing is that it’s a good resource for aspiring SLPs. It guides future SLPs from career exploration in high school through to clinical fellowships.
 HealthGrades Top Kidmunicate Websites for 2017  Health Grades – Get listed. Parents trust this site.
 IBCCES Top Kidmunicate Websites  IBCCES – The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) offers certification programs to educators and licensed professionals who work with individuals with special needs.
Kidmunicate Top 75 Home Speech Home – The site has a new fresh look for 2020. It is a wonderful resource for free resources for parents and SLPs. This is the home for the Word Vault, an app with some good reviews, that organizes those 30,000 words on your iPad for interactive therapy.
Top Kidmunicate Resource for 2017 Kidmunicate – Kidmunicate is a different kind of site. We do not offer any freebie craft ideas. There are plenty of sites like that.  Our site is a resource site with the most comprehensive Speech-Language Pathology reference dictionary/glossary online, this reference list of the Best Speech Pathology Websites and Blogs and a growing list of client inspired Social Stories to help children with autism experience new things. We are committed to content.
Lesson Pix Top Kidmunicate Website for 2017 Lesson Pix – Clip art for creative SLPs.
MNSU Net COnnections for Communication Disorders and Sciences MNSU Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences –  This site has a very comprehensive list of relevant and useful links concerning speech and language pathology. You have to dig a little to find what you want, but at least you only have to dig in one place.
MYO Central Top Kidmunicate Resource for 2017 MYO Central It’s a website specifically created for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists, Orthodontists, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Speech-Language Pathologists. Most clinicians create brochures, evaluations, reports, etc. which is very time-consuming. MYO Central designed their website so that each subscriber can easily access a template then modify it to fit their professional needs and style.
NBASLH Top Kidmunicate Resource NBASLH New to the list for 2021 – The purpose of the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing is to increase the number of Black SLPs and to improve the quality of services to Black individuals with communication disorders. Their distinctive logo is from Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) it means “reach out with the echo of understanding and speak for all to hear.”
Northern Speech Servicesd Top Kidmunicate Resource Norther Speech Services New to the list for 2021 – Northern Speech Services is where you’ll find therapy materials and online Courses SLPs. They continue to create and publish new therapy materials, add new online courses, further the field of Dysphagia with the MBSImP™, and offer world-class live courses.
Pearson Assessments Top Kidmunicate Resource for 2017 Pearson – Pearson’s clinical assessments provide valuable insights for professionals in psychology, education, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, early childhood, and other areas.
Pamela Marshalla Top Kidmunicate Resource for 2017 Pam Marshalla – Pam Marshalla’s expertise and legacy live on here.
PediaStaff Top Kidmunicate Website for 2017