Kidmunicate Offers Teletherapy (On-line Therapy)

During this national emergency for Covid-19 (coronavirus), we have been listening to clients who are very concerned about the virus, but also concerned about the continuity of their child’s speech-language therapy. Continuity of therapy is important, so Kidmunicate worked tirelessly to implement a plan to minimize disruption of client therapy. 
We were one of the first speech-language therapy clinics to close due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to protect our clients and staff and to limit potential spread within our communities. During that first week we were closed, we invested in a teletherapy platform that is interactive, very fun and HIPAA compliant (protects patient privacy). And we began training our therapists on the use of the new, very intuitive technology. 
  • Each client received a call from a Kidmunicate certified speech-language pathologist. During this call, the therapist recommended one of two options for parents who wanted to continue treatment during covid-19. The two options were teletherapy or speech-language coaching and support 
    • Teletherapy
      • This interactive program conducted online between a therapist and a child is recommended if the child has;
        • Parental support to set up the application and help the child from time to time
        • Hearing ability
        • Speech intelligibility
        • Manual dexterity to operate a keyboard/mouse
        • Ability to pay attention to the computer monitor
        • Availablity to a computer with high bandwidth internet access
        • A quiet place with minimal distractions
    • Speech-language Coaching and Support
      • Online therapy may not be suitable for some children, so the therapist may suggest speech-language coaching and support for parents who wish to continue with speech during the covid-19 lock down.
      • Here’s how this works:
        • The therapist will call the parent weekly to review goals and provide activities for each goal.
        • The therapist will send weekly worksheets, videos or apps.
        • The therapist will be available to problem solve issues with parents who need extra help.

Teletherapy for Speech-Language Therapy Works

Research shows that speech teleptherapy, also known as speech telepractice or telespeech under the more general term telerehabilitiation, is shown to be effective.

The Efficacy of Telehealth-Delivered Speech and Language Intervention for Primary School-Age Children: A Systematic Review showed no significant difference between teletherapy and traditional in-person therapy for primary school aged children with speech and language challenges. The study did show a significant change in test scores from pre- to post intervention for both groups, so both groups made significant and similar progress during intervention.

Telepractice Treatment of Stuttering: A Systematic Review concluded that “live-stream, video telepractice appears to be a promising service- delivery method for treatment of stuttering using the Camperdown Program, Lidcombe Program, and integrated approaches.”

A Pilot Exploration of Speech Sound Disorder Intervention Delivered by Teleheath to School-Age Children indicates that live interactive videoconferencing appears to be a viable method for delivering intervention for speech sound disorders. The research used the Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation to test telehealth vs conventional side-by-side intervention. This is a test we have used for years to evaluate children.

An Investigation of the Efficacy of Speech-Languge Interventions with Students with ASD Using Telepractice“Overall, these findings suggest that a telepractice service delivery method is an effective and valid way to provide interventions to students with ASD.”

Insurance Reimbursement for Teletherapy

Teletherapy is relatively new and many insurance plans have not traditionally cover it, but the covid-19 virus is forcing insurance companies to rethink teletherpy. Several big insurance plans are reimburing for teletherapy, at least for the short term. Call us and we would be happy to review your insurance options.

The Kidmunicate Point

Our therapists have selected assessment and therapy approaches that are appropriate for the technology platform and we are quite confident that most of the kids will be engaged by the platform that has an interactive whiteboard and many apps and games. 

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