Kidmunicate is Offering Speech Teletherapy During Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Beyond

First of all, thoughts and prayers go out to all who are affected by Covid19.

The health and safety of our little clients and their parents, our families, our work family, and our community is of utmost importance to us, so we close our doors in mid-March and invested in a fun, interactive, and HIPPA compliant speech teletherapy platform. We then trained our licensed speech-language pathologists on all the features of the platform.

The therapists are pleasantly surprised by the features and functionality of the platform and based on the feedback from parents and the positive interaction from the kids, speech teletherapy has been a success.

Please note online therapy may not be suitable for some children, so the therapist may suggest speech-language coaching and support for parents who wish to continue with speech during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you are interested in learning more about speech teletherapy and insurance coverage, call us at 484-367-7131

speech teletherapy during covid-19

Research Shows Online Speech Therapy Can Be Effective

The Efficacy of Telehealth-Delivered Speech and Language Intervention for Primary School-Age Children: A Systematic Review concluded that there no significant disparity between online therapy (teletherapy) and in office face-to-face therapy for primary school aged children with speech and language disorders. The study did show that both groups made significant and similar progress with speech therapy.

Here are two more studies: