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Read about developmental
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We help kids go from quiet to confident every day.

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Accepting New Clients.

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Kidmunciate Pediatric Speech Therapy is opened 6 days per week and we accept most major credit cards and some of the area’s most popular insurance plans. We are currently accepting new clients. Call us at 484-367-7131 to schedule an appointment.


Kidmunciate pediatric speech therapy is conveniently located on the Mainline in suburban Philadelphia near Route 202 and Highway I-76 just 2 miles from the King of Prussia Mall. Our address is Suite 301 at 489 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087.

Speech and language disorders
Find causes, signs / symptoms, diagnoses, treatment and prognoses of pediatric speech and language disorders. It’s easy to understand information you need to manage your child’s speech therapy treatment plans.

Learn about speech and language developmental milestones. While every child develops at different rates, it’s smart to know the milestones, so that you can identify any speech and language issues early.


Did you know that feeding and swallowing disorders are treated by speech and language pathologists? Understand the feeding milestones for each stage of development, to make sure your child is on a healthy path.


Speech pathology uses some terms that are difficult to understand. The comprehensive Kidmunicate speech and language dictionary will help you understand the terms your doctor and / or speech language pathologist are using.

Kidmunicate Social Stories

Each Kidmunicate social story was inspired by client. Autism social stories or picture stories help prepare children for new experiences (proactive) or help correct behavioral issues (reactive). Social Stories are pictures, supported with text, that describe a situation, action or event, outline steps in a process or set parameters of acceptable behavior.


We had speech pathologists and occupational therapists put together a list of the best 100+ toys for speech, language and motor skills development. We use many of these toys during speech therapy.

We had speech pathologists put together a list of 100+ children’s books recommended for speech and language development. This list is organized by sounds, so you can select a book like Lyle the Crocodile for example, to help your child practice the letter /l/.
100 apps for speech and language development

Apps are an important part of language and speech therapy. Here’s a list of 100 plus apps used and recommended by speech pathologists will help you select the best ones for your child.


The Kidmunicate list of the 100 plus best blogs and websites for speech and language pathology is updated annually. The list is a great resource of relevant and timely information about speech and language development and therapy. Click your way to information and inspirational bloggers.

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Autism Social Stories: Preparing to be a Big Brother or Sister


A mother of a 6 year old son with autism wanted help preparing her son to be a big brother. Lots of therapy and sticking to a routine have really helped her first son cope and manage life fairly well at home, at school and in the community. The mom, pregnant [...]

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Cerebral Palsy and Pediatric Speech Therapy


Collaboration and Communication for Children with Cerebral Palsy. While the medical and research communities are diligently looking for ways to prevent cerebral palsy (CP) by identifying the preventable risks, developing prevention measures and educating the public, others are working hard to help people live with it. Since cerebral palsy, the [...]

  • Tips to make your kids smarter

Tips to make your kids smarter and more confident communicators


Want to Make your kids smarter and more confident? Here's how At Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy, our goal is to help children become more skilled and confident communicators which we believe makes them smarter. We recently found a great infographic (below) called 101 ways to make your kids smarter. What [...]

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Babies who use handheld electronics risk speech delay


Delay the use of touch screen electronics for your baby or risk speech delay. A new study has found a link between the use of handheld devices by babies and speech delay. The study was presented at the 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. The research studied the correlation between speech delay and [...]

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