Three Speech and Language Programs to Avoid Summer Slide

Kidmunicate has developed three summer programs to help prepare kids for the upcoming school year. The three programs are Kindergarten Readiness, Flow and Grow Yoga, and IEP Bootcamp. All of the programs are led by licensed speech-language pathologists. The details for these programs are listed below.

What is Summer Slide?

It’s a much-researched phenomenon whereby kids forget what they learned during the school year over the summer months. According to one study, children lose up to 40% of the gains they have made over the school year while on summer break.

Speech Therapy in the Summer
Pros and Cons of Speech Therapy Settings

Kindergarten Readiness

  • Give your child a head start for their first school year.
    • Program Overview
      • This program welcomes children ages 4–6 and is designed to build on skills learned in preschool and prepare future kindergarteners for the upcoming school year.
      • The program will focus on building language, literacy, and social skills.
      • Children will work in small groups of 2 or 3 with a certified speech and language therapist.
    • Schedule
      • August 14-17
        • Morning sessions for 45 minutes each day starting at 10 am
        • Afternoon sessions for 45 minutes each day at 1 pm
    • Cost
      • $250 (4 sessions)

IEP Extension Bootcamp

  • Maintain the Momentum
    • Program Overview
      • A Kidmunicate-certified speech therapist will work with your child to avoid the “summer slide by explicitly targeting the speech and language goals created by your child’s school SLP.
    • Schedule
      • July 10 – August 24
        • Individually scheduled 30 min sessions between 9 am to 3 pm
    • Cost
      • 4 sessions for $320
      • 6 sessions for $450
Samsung Autism App for Eye Contact
A Group of Yoga_Kids

Flow and Grow Yoga

  •  Stretch Your Speech and Language Skills
    • Program Overview
      • Kidmunicate’s Flow and Grow Yoga program helps enhance social language, play skills, early literacy, vocabulary development/ linguistic concepts, speech sound development, breathing, and mindfulness. Our therapist Caroline McLaughlin M.A., CCC-SLP is a certified yoga instructor.
      •  Your child does not have to be in the Kidmunicate family to attend our Flow and Grow Yoga!
      • Class sizes are limited, register today!
    • Schedule
      • Summer Schedule to be determined.
    • Cost
      • Each program contains 4 sessions for $120
      • $35 per session for individual sessions (Call for availability)

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Flow and Grow Yoga and Speech-Language program.