Preparing for a Beach Vacation – Autism Social Story.

Prepare your child for a trip to the shore with this autism social story. We are currently using this autism social story to prepare a beautiful child, who happens to have autism, for her first beach experience. For the purposes of this post, we are going to call her Sandy. Both of Sandy's parents have really fond memories of their childhood summer vacations to the shore. They enjoyed the sun, sand and surf during the day and the sights, sounds and sensations on the boardwalk at night. It was something they looked forward to during the long days of [...]

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Autism Social Stories: Preparing to go to a MLB Baseball Game

Autism social stories can help you hit a homerun with your child. We use autism social stories with great visuals to prepare children for new experiences. We also use these social picture stories for children with anxiety and/or sequencing issues. You might find them helpful too. A dad and his child on the spectrum come to Kidmunicate twice a week. The dad loves baseball and often wears a Phillies hat. He fondly remembers going to games with his dad as a child. He is hoping to take his son to a Phillies game for his 8th birthday. The dad [...]

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Autism Social Stories: Preparing for an Airplane Trip

The power of social stories taking flight We use social stories with great visuals to teach children with autism, anxiety and/or sequencing issues. You might find them helpful too. One of my kiddos with autism is going on his first airplane trip for spring break. His mother is very excited about the trip and somewhat terrified too. Regardless, she's not going to deny her child a great experience. She's going to prepare for the worst and expect the best. The child does well on a set schedule and routine. He's prone to melt downs when he gets off schedule or [...]

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