Pros and Cons of Speech Therapy Settings

What are the pros and cons of speech therapy settings for my child (in home, at a clinic, in a hospital or at a university)? (Bonnie R, mom of 6 year old boy with an articulation disorder) First of all, keep in mind that the rapport between the speech language therapist and your child is the most important element whether it’s in your home, at a clinic or in a hospital or university setting. Secondly, the disorder that your child may have and the severity will also dictate your choice. Finally, convenience, cost and payment options will also likely influence your [...]

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How I Started a Pediatric Speech Therapy Clinic

My Pediatric Speech Therapy Clinic is Now Open Hi. I'm Pam Drennen, MS CCC-SLP and I am opening a speech language therapy clinic in Wayne PA. In fact, it opened yesterday. I have been a speech pathologist for 20 years. I started a private practice about 10 years ago, but I never had a office, so I drove to each appointment. I have dreamt of having my own clinic so that I can help more kids. I am not alone either. I have had numerous conversations with other private practice SLPs over the years who have or had the same dream. The [...]

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Finding a Location for a Speech Clinic

Starting a speech pathology private practice I went to my home town, Westfield NJ, yesterday to visit an entrepreneurial SLP who started a very successful practice there called Pediatric Speech-Language Service LLC. The owner was so nice and helpful. I felt like I was talking to family. She gave us some great advice. More importantly, she gave me the final bit of confidence that I needed to move forward and start my own clinic. The next, step is to find a location. My business partners (my brother and my sister) helped me scout out locations on Thanksgiving week. My [...]

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