Autism Social Stories: Preparing to go to a MLB Baseball Game

Autism social stories can help you hit a homerun with your child. We use autism social stories with great visuals to prepare children for new experiences. We also use these social picture stories for children with anxiety and/or sequencing issues. You might find them helpful too. A dad and his child on the spectrum come to Kidmunicate twice a week. The dad loves baseball and often wears a Phillies hat. He fondly remembers going to games with his dad as a child. He is hoping to take his son to a Phillies game for his 8th birthday. The dad [...]

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Trick or Treatment

Making Therapy Relevant We had a Halloween speech therapy idea for sequencing that we used to trick a young girl into learning about sequencing. It was a treat for all involved. Here is a Halloween activity that can help a child with a language sequencing problem. We treat a spirited girl, we will call her Jackie for this post, once a week. Jackie is working on sequencing, putting information in the correct order. Several weeks ago with Halloween fast approaching our speech pathologist, Sandi Spuhler MS CCC-SLP, decided to use the occasion of Halloween to create an activity to teach Jackie sequencing. The activity worked wonderfully. Sandi outlined the [...]

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