The Musicality of Sign Language

Christine Sun Kim, sound artist and composer, was born deaf. She recently gave an inspiring TED speech on The Enchanting Music of Sign Language. Christine signs while an off stage person interprets her graceful movements, gestures and expressions. Christine is inspiring because she does not let her disability confine her or even define her, no she let's it refine her. She has refined her reactions and outlook to the sounds that she cannot hear in a powerful and empowering way through her visual art. Christine cannot hear, but she does not live in a soundless world. She has learned how to [...]

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Signing Santa listens with his ears, eyes and heart

Communication is a gift that we share with each other. Spoken words are helpful, but are certainly not required. Signing works well too. Furthermore, a look, and there are an infinite number of looks, convey both simple and complex messages. A smile, a cry, a cough, a yawn, an exhale, a gasp, a gesture, a laugh, a whimper, a sniffle, and even a snore all speak loudly too. We just need to listen with our ears, our eyes and our hearts. There is no one better at doing just that than Santa. The other day, I saw a picture of myself sitting [...]

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