The Beach or Speech Therapy in the Summer?

Summer, Time to go to Speech Therapy If you were to ask a child if he or she would like to go to the beach or speech therapy in the summer, speech therapy would not be the choice. Well, this is a post about a child named Bobby* who was not given a choice. His parents, Brenda and Bob, elected to bring him to speech therapy 2 times a week in this summer. Bobby, who gets speech therapy through his school, took the last summer off and he regressed. His parents did not want to make that mistake again so they brought [...]

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Sports Lessons or Speech Therapy?

So the question is this, what's a better investment sports lessons or speech therapy? If speech therapy is needed, the answer is obvious, or is it? Some parents take a wait and see approach to speech issues hoping that their child will grow out of it. This happens often even though some speech and language issues do not improve over time without speech therapy. In that case, early intervention is typically the best path. Let's explore the question posed. It takes an amazing amount of coordination to play soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, golf, gymnastics, hockey, cheerleading, dance etc. It [...]

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