The reasons why a parent should use iPad Apps to help their children with speech and language.

  1. iPads and apps are easy to use.
    • Children of all ages and abilities (including children with autism and Down’s Syndrome) gravitate to iPads and intuitively know how to use them.
  2. Children think that they are just playing. You know that they are learning too.
  3. The vivid animated images and captivating sounds on the iPad apps grab the attention of children who are often easily distracted.
  4. Apps are cost efficient for speech language therapy.
    • Many apps have free versions which allow parents to try an app out with little risk. The links below are for the full featured versions.
    • Test the app out and if your child loves it and uses it, then buy the full featured app.
  5. Most SLP apps are available for tablets or smart phones.
  6. Tablets and mobile phones loaded with engaging apps are easier to carry to all the places you go with your child.
    • It is much easier than carrying multiple books, toys and games around.
  7. There are specific iPad apps for many speech and language focus areas.
  8. Developers are constantly making new apps, so you will never run out of engaging material.

Caution – Work with your speech language pathologist on a game plan for using the apps at home. Your child needs to practice the correct way in order for the practice to be helpful.

Here are 60 great SLP iPad Apps for speech and language therapy

Kidmunicate loves to use the iPad apps for speech and language therapy. We have assembled a nice collection of apps and we are constantly on the look out for new ones.

We often recommend speech and language development apps for parents to use for at home practice. Extending therapy into the home between therapy sessions makes all of the difference and these apps make it easy.

Ask your child’s speech and language therapist which apps they use during therapy and download those same apps on your tablet or mobile phone.

Follow the links below to see which SLP iPad Apps we use for the following focus areas:

The links above are for the SLP full featured apps. Parents can often download the free versions of the same apps.

Disclosure – the links for the apps are on iTunes. Kidmunicate receives a small percentage of the purchase price. We use this money to fund the development of content on this website, content that we hope is helpful to parents and SLPs.