Insurance Mandates for ASD Help Many, But Not All.

Insurance Mandates for ASD are good, but not perfect. Good news, all but six states have insurance mandates for ASD. More good news! These mandates have increased the number of children with autism spectrum disorder coverage by 12% - 17%. The bad news, too many children with autism are still not getting all the help they need. Why is that? Some mandates may not include all group or employee plans. For example, self-funded plans may not be included in a state mandate. Some companies self-fund health costs for their employees to save money by cutting out the insurance company. Note: Some companies with self-funded [...]

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More Insurance Plans Will Cover Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism

Insurance plans for fed workers can't exclude Applied Behavior Analysis therapy anymore. All health care plans that cover federal government workers, will be mandated to cover Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been encouraging, but not mandating, insurance companies to provide coverage to federal employees to cover ABA therapy since 2013. Currently, only 23 states offer federal worker health insurance plans that cover Applier Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for autism. That's going to change because the overwhelming evidence shows ABA is both clinically appropriate, medically necessary and quite effective. The results of ABA could not be [...]

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A Black and Blue Dress, a Bill, Bacteria and Autism

  It seems that autism stories are always in the news and with good reason. At Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy,  we try to keep up with the latest news on the subject because we treat so many children with autism. We also want to do our part to help inform others. Here are the interesting autism stories from this past week. The Black and Blue Dress I saw a black and blue dress. My husband and daughter saw a white and gold dress. A poll showed that 69% saw what my husband saw. The debate circled the globe several times over. Every [...]

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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Support Autism

The new year is starting. A year where 1 of every 68 children born will eventually be diagnosed with autism, perhaps the defining disorder of our age. So whether you are directly affected or just know someone who is, here are a few things that you do to support autism. Treat your New Year's Resolutions Like Your Child's IEP Goals. Darren Sush, Psy., D BCBA-D, Psychology Today gives some 5 tips that make a lot of sense. Define your target behaviors Get personal Establish your baseline Make goals achievable Set benchmark goals For details visit Treat Your New Year's Resolution [...]

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