The new year is starting. A year where 1 of every 68 children born will eventually be diagnosed with autism, perhaps the defining disorder of our age. So whether you are directly affected or just know someone who is, here are a few things that you do to support autism.

  1. Treat your New Year’s Resolutions Like Your Child’s IEP Goals. Darren Sush, Psy., D BCBA-D, Psychology Today gives some 5 tips that make a lot of sense.
  2. Learn more. Bookmark these great online resources to follow.
    • Autism Today – Their goal is to help all special needs people globally be loved and accepted for who they are, their gifts, strengths and talents.
    • Autism Society – Their goal is to improve the lives of all affected by autism.
    • Age of Autism – They share their point-of-view that autism is an environmentally induced illness that is treatable and preventable.
    • National Autism Association – Their goal is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential.
    • Autism Speaks – Their goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.
    • This list a few resources, there are more.
    • Many of these have local chapters.
  3. Participate More. Go to a conference to stay connected with other parents and advocates in the autism community.
  4. Walk or Run
  5. Support companies that support autism awareness and research. Here are a few of the more active companies over the last couple of years. There are many more.
    • Babies R US
    • Toys R Us
    • Dollar General
    • Toyota
    • Mazda
    • White Castle
    • Casey’s General Store
    • Zales
    • ShopRite
    • Joe’s Crab Shack
    • Panera Bread
    • Build-a-Bear Workshops
    • The Home Depot
    • TJ Maxx
    • CafePress
    • Sprouts Farmers Market
    • Modell’s Sporting Goods
    • Lindt
    • French’s
    • Gap
    • FedEx
    • Bob’s Discount Furniture
    • Tiffany
    • Phillips
    • AMC Theaters
    • PayPal
    • Major League Baseball
    • – Use Smile Amazon and designate an autism charity to receive a percentage of proceeds from all of your purchases on Amazon.
  6. Donate
    1. You can help organizations who are working hard to build awareness, advocate for laws, research for a cure or preventative solutions and provide care.
    2. Go to Charity Navigator and select an organization that helps people and families affected by autism.
  7. Share your story.
    • If you have autism or if you are a parent of a child with autism. Share your story with others. Your experience just might help others struggling with the same issues you have already conquered.
    • Post to Facebook or Tweet your ideas, experiences, book recommendations,  links to great resources you use, etc.
      • Mark your posts with #autism, #autismawareness or #chatautism so others can find your contributions.
    • Start a blog
    • If starting a blog about your experiences with autism is too much of a commitment, then comment on the autism blogs that are out there. Bloggers love to get comments and readers of blogs love to read comments for additional perspective.
  8. Understand your state’s laws concerning  and the autism insurance mandate. If your state has one see what you are eligible to receive, if not advocate for one. You can possibly uncover the money you need to care for your child.
  9. Lend a helping hand. Offer a family who has a child with autism,
    • a hour respite.
    • a home cooked dinner.
    • a hand with chores.
  10. Share your resolutions. Here are resolutions we found on line from the past couple of years. What else would you recommend. Add your ideas to the comments section below.

The Kidmunication Point

We can all do more this year to help build awareness of autism, donate money to uncover the cause or a cure or provide some direct care to a family who can use the help. God Bless all who help in anyway.