IPad Apps for Speech and Language Therapy

The reasons why a parent should use iPad Apps to help their children with speech and language. iPads and apps are easy to use. Children of all ages and abilities (including children with autism and Down's Syndrome) gravitate to iPads and intuitively know how to use them. Children think that they are just playing. You know that they are learning too. The vivid animated images and captivating sounds on the iPad apps grab the attention of children who are often easily distracted. Apps are cost efficient for speech language therapy. Many apps have free versions which allow parents to try an [...]

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Trick or Treatment

Making Therapy Relevant We had a Halloween speech therapy idea for sequencing that we used to trick a young girl into learning about sequencing. It was a treat for all involved. Here is a Halloween activity that can help a child with a language sequencing problem. We treat a spirited girl, we will call her Jackie for this post, once a week. Jackie is working on sequencing, putting information in the correct order. Several weeks ago with Halloween fast approaching our speech pathologist, Sandi Spuhler MS CCC-SLP, decided to use the occasion of Halloween to create an activity to teach Jackie sequencing. The activity worked wonderfully. Sandi outlined the [...]

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Proper positioning for Pediatric Speech Therapy

Which chair works best for pediatric speech therapy, the small chair or the large chair? If your child does speech therapy in your home or you are working at home with your kid on therapy techniques recommended by the therapist, then you might be interested in using furniture that will optimize the results. So, the answer to the question above is.....it depends. Children come in all shapes and sizes, so the size of the furniture needed to ensure proper positioning for pediatric speech therapy (and feeding therapy) is determined by the size of the child. That's why you will find [...]

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