Giving Thanks For Expressive Language Progress

Cooper is our star of the month. Cooper is great kid. He's the kind of kid who lights up the clinic with his personality and his inquisitive nature. When he comes to Kidmunicate for therapy, he makes his rounds and talks to everyone in the office. And he's a great conversationalist too because he's genuinely interested in learning more about the people he's talking to. I guess he innately knows that people love to talk about themselves. Perhaps that's why so many people love Cooper. This was not always the case. Before Cooper started therapy, he was not much of [...]

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IPad Apps for Speech and Language Therapy

The reasons why a parent should use iPad Apps to help their children with speech and language. iPads and apps are easy to use. Children of all ages and abilities (including children with autism and Down's Syndrome) gravitate to iPads and intuitively know how to use them. Children think that they are just playing. You know that they are learning too. The vivid animated images and captivating sounds on the iPad apps grab the attention of children who are often easily distracted. Apps are cost efficient for speech language therapy. Many apps have free versions which allow parents to try an [...]

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Speech Disorders and Bullying

Speech Disorders and Bullying are often linked. We are treating a child for stuttering. Let’s call him Johnny for the purposes of this post. Johnny is making slow and steady improvements. His parents are very happy with the progress, but the progress cannot come fast enough for this 8-year-old boy who is being bullied at school. Johnny’s parents are understandably upset. They are getting involved against the wishes of their son, who's afraid that their involvement will just escalate the problem. This situation is not unique. Unfortunately, speech disorders and bullying are often linked. In fact, in a recent study [...]

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Speech Therapy Options Free and Paid

My 20 month old daughter seems to be behind in speaking compared to her 18 month old cousin. What should I do and if needed where should I look to for speech therapy options free and paid? (Megan P of three girls) First of all, language and speech development varies from child to child, so it’s never a good idea to compare your child with another to base concerns. Secondly, there is no age too young to start evaluating speech and language issues if the signs are there. Always remember, early intervention leads to the best long-term results. Finally, speech [...]

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What is the percentage of kids with speech or language problems?

What is the percentage of kids with speech or language problems? (Question asked by Heather H, mom of a 3 year old boy) Heather recently took her son to the pediatrician for a routine check up. Prior to the visit, Heather suspected that her son's speech and language skills were behind his peer group. During the examination, she shared her concerns with the pediatrician. The pediatrician listened intently and went through a top line screening. After the evaluation, the pediatrician shared the mother's concerns and suggested that her son get evaluated by a speech language pathologist. Despite Heather's previous suspicions, she [...]

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Learn the Early Signs of Speech and Language Disorders

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Did you know that about 8.5% of children suffer from speech and language disorders? So May is the perfect time for parents to learn how to recognize the early signs of speech and language disorders. To support the month, the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) has launched a TV, radio, print and digital media campaign to increase the awareness of communication disorders called Identify the Signs. It’s a fact, unlike many disabilities, some speech, language, and hearing disorders can be reversible and even preventable with early intervention and treatment. The biggest barrier [...]

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