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Understand developmental
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We help kids go from quiet to confident every day.

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Kidmunciate pediatric speech therapy is conveniently located on the Mainline in suburban Philadelphia near Route 202 and Highway I-76 just 2 miles from the King of Prussia Mall. Our address is Suite 301 at 489 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087. We are in the process of franchising, so look for new locations soon.


We had speech pathologists and occupational therapists put together a list of the best 100+ toys for speech, language and motor skills development. We use many of these toys during speech therapy.

We had speech pathologists put together a list of 100+ children’s books recommended for speech and language development. This list is organized by sounds, so you can select a book like Lyle the Crocodile for example, to help your child practice the letter /l/.
Speech and language disorders
Find causes, signs / symptoms, diagnoses, treatment and prognoses of pediatric speech and language disorders. It’s easy to understand information you need to manage your child’s speech therapy treatment plans.

Learn about speech and language developmental milestones. While every child develops at different rates, it’s smart to know the milestones, so that you can identify any speech and language issues early.


Did you know that feeding and swallowing disorders are treated by speech and language pathologists? Understand the feeding milestones for each stage of development, to make sure your child is on a healthy path.


Speech pathology uses some terms that are difficult to understand. The comprehensive Kidmunicate speech and language dictionary will help you understand the terms your doctor and / or speech language pathologist are using.

100 apps for speech and language development

Apps are an important part of language and speech therapy. Here’s a list of 100 plus apps used and recommended by speech pathologists will help you select the best ones for your child.


The Kidmunicate list of the 100 plus best blogs and websites for speech and language pathology is updated annually. The list is a great resource of relevant and timely information about speech and language development and therapy. Click your way to information and inspirational bloggers.

Kidmunicate Social Stories

Each Kidmunicate social story was inspired by client. Autism social stories or picture stories help prepare children for new experiences (proactive) or help correct behavioral issues (reactive). Social Stories are pictures, supported with text, that describe a situation, action or event, outline steps in a process or set parameters of acceptable behavior.

Latest From The Blog

Autism Acceptance is Important

November 30th, 2016|0 Comments

New program #lovewithoutwords, by Kulture City is helping improve autism acceptance. On the news, I heard about a new program that promotes the need for autism acceptance by an organization called Kulture City, a non-profit. Kulture City is trying to create a world where all children with autism can be accepted, included [...]

Preparing for a Fire Drill Social Story

October 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Fire Drill Social Story for Children with Autism and or Anxiety Disorders Did you know that fire safety and fire drills in schools have been around since the late 1800's? A false fire alarm caused a disorganized mass exodus from a New York City school in 1851. There was no fire, [...]

  • Autism Bowling Social Story

Autism and Bowling Social Story

September 13th, 2016|0 Comments

Bowling Social Story: Preparing your child with autism for a sport. We developed this bowling social story to prepare an active girl with autism to participate in a sport. We'll call her Lanie. Lanie's parents are both athletic. In fact, both played soccer in college. From the day that Lanie was born, [...]

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator for Teens with Autism

August 20th, 2016|0 Comments

We often recommend social stories to help prepare children with autism for new experiences like going to a baseball game for the first time, or flying in an airplane or  going on a beach vacation. These are great experiences that every child should experience with the help of a parent [...]

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