Sesame Street Character Julia has Autism.

Children with autism are welcome on Sesame Street Sesame Street has been working with Autism Speaks and Autism Self Advocacy to build awareness of autism with the introduction of a new character called Julia. Julia is the first Sesame Street character with autism. For 45 years, Sesame Street has been teaching kids about the people and places around them. Autism affects 1 out of every 68 children born in the US, so autism is part of the fabric of the community that surrounds every child. Although autism is quite prevalent, it’s not broadly understood. To further complicate the issue, autism [...]

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A Test for Autism Has Been Right In Front of Our Eyes.

Has a simple and accurate diagnostic test for autism been right in front of our eyes the whole time? A simple penlight pupil test that is commonly used by pediatricians may be able to diagnose autism disorder according to a Washington State University study. This simple test may lead to a physiological measurement of autism. Currently, autism is diagnosed with a somewhat subjective behavioral evaluation which cannot be confirmed until the child is 2 to 3 years old. Valuable early intervention time is lost waiting for this type of diagnosis which is why an ordinary penlight pupil test for autism [...]

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Broadway Star Angered After Child with Autism Interrupts Show

Understanding Autism During a recent broadway show of “The King and I” a young boy with autism started screaming loudly. The interruption happened during a particularly intense yet quiet scene in the second act. Members of the audience were angered and insisted that the mother and child be removed even though the mother was already trying desperately to take her defiant child away. The horrified mother pleaded with her son to calm down and to let go of the railing that her son held on to so tightly. Broadway star, Kelvin Moon Loh, was absolutely appalled. Not at the mother and [...]

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Autism Service Dogs to the Rescue

Research shows the benefits of autism service dogs Many kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) contend with behavioral issues, have communication deficits and / or struggle with forming social relationships. These issues make it hard for them to connect to others in the community. These issues are magnified because the community at large does not understand autism fully. As a result, many children with autism retreat further when they get ignored, made fun of or worse yet bullied. Humans at wonderful organizations, like Autism Speaks, are trying to educate the community to build tolerance and understanding. And the super human parents of children [...]

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Autism Awareness Month: Bullied boy dedicates song to his mom.

The white flowers of the plum trees are blooming. The grass is bright green and is ready to be cut for the first time. A warm breeze welcomes us when we go outside. Spring concerts are filling school auditoriums with music. It's April, a time of renewal and optimism. It's also autism awareness month and we hope that that feeling of renewal and optimism is felt by every child with autism and their parents. There was a spring concert in Boise, Idaho at Cantus Youth Choirs. The Cantus Youth Choirs provide quality music education to enrich the lives of children from [...]

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Boy with autism saves a life with his newly found words

Can speech therapy saves lives? We say that it can. That certainly is a bold statement, but here's the proof. One year ago, Chase, a five-year-old, Canadian boy with autism could not put more than one or two words together to communicate. After a year of therapy, Chase was able to save a man's life with his words. Watch the touching video from CTV news called Five-year-old boy with autism finds the right words to help rescue an injured man. Click the title to view it. Here's an overview The Maritimes in Canada, just north of Maine, had a harsh winter. Just like [...]

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A Black and Blue Dress, a Bill, Bacteria and Autism

  It seems that autism stories are always in the news and with good reason. At Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy,  we try to keep up with the latest news on the subject because we treat so many children with autism. We also want to do our part to help inform others. Here are the interesting autism stories from this past week. The Black and Blue Dress I saw a black and blue dress. My husband and daughter saw a white and gold dress. A poll showed that 69% saw what my husband saw. The debate circled the globe several times over. Every [...]

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Can Robots Teach Emotions to Autistic Children?

Did you know that there are seven universal human emotions? Apparently there are six robot emotions. Who knew? The seven universal human emotions are anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. These emotions are communicated through spoken language, but they are also communicated through body language, facial expressions and gestures. And these non-verbal cues are recognizable to all people around the world regardless of age, gender, language or culture. Well, that is not 100% tue. Many people living with autism find it difficult to read the emotional cues that people send. This can result in a diminished capacity for children with [...]

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Autism and the Eagle Scout Achievement

Micheal Whary is a boy on the autism spectrum. About 1 in 42* boys will be diagnosed with autism. Micheal Whary is also a Boy Scout striving to become an Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout requirements are tough, so only about 1 in 100 scouts will achieve this distinction. And Michael Whary is an amazing kid with a great video message for all parents of children with autism. At age 2, Michael was diagnosed with autism. His doctors told his parents that he would have limitations. Don't all kids have limitations in one or more aspects of their lives? Some kids [...]

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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Support Autism

The new year is starting. A year where 1 of every 68 children born will eventually be diagnosed with autism, perhaps the defining disorder of our age. So whether you are directly affected or just know someone who is, here are a few things that you do to support autism. Treat your New Year's Resolutions Like Your Child's IEP Goals. Darren Sush, Psy., D BCBA-D, Psychology Today gives some 5 tips that make a lot of sense. Define your target behaviors Get personal Establish your baseline Make goals achievable Set benchmark goals For details visit Treat Your New Year's Resolution [...]

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