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Term Definition
Mainstreaming Moving a child with a learning or behavioral disability into a regular school environment with the support of special educators.

Link 1: Wikipedia – Mainstreaming (Education)
Link 2: Education.com – Least Restrictive environment, mainstreaming and inclusion.

Also see Auditory- Verbal Therapy

Marginal Babbling See Babbling
Mastication Chewing food to prepare for swallowing.

Link 1: Wikipedia – Mastication
Mean Length Utterance (MLU) It is a way to quantify speech ability. It is calculated by dividing the number of morphemes (see morphemes) by the number of utterances. (see utterances). Higher MLU’s indicate higher proficiency with the language.

Link 1: Wikipedia – Mean Length Utterance
Link 2: Rules for calculating Mean Length of Utterance – Missouri State University
Link 3: Mean Length Utterance Levels in 6 month intervals – National Center of Biotechnology Information
Mirroring See Kinesics
Mixed Transcortical Aphasia A combination of both fluent, like Broca’s aphasia, and nonfluent, like Wernicke’s aphasia, aphasia in which both receptive and expressive language skills are impaired, but the patient has strong repetition skills.

See also Aphasia, Transcortical Aphasia, specific types of aphasia.

Morphemes The smallest unit of meaningful language.

  • Free morpheme – a morpheme that can stand alone
    • Car
    • Jump
  • Bound morpheme – is a morpheme joined to a free morpheme which can indicate:
    • Plural / singular – example car(s),
    • Positive / negative – example (un)friendly
    • Tense – example Jump(ed), jump(ing)
    • Degree in adjectives – example hard(er)
    • Possessive – example Sara(‘s)
  • Affixation – the process of adding a bound morpheme to a root word to change the word’d meaning.
Link 1: Wikipedia – Morphemes
Link 2: Morphemes – Princeton University
Link 3: Morpheme – About Grammar

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