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Term Definition
Nasal Assimilation A type of consonant assimilation (or consonant harmony) in which a non-nasal sound is replaced with a nasal sound that is similar to another nasal sound in the word. Alveolar refers to the alveolar ridge, which is the ridged or bumpy section of the hard palate in the mouth located just behind the top two front teeth.

For example, the word soup has the consonants /s/ (alveolar) and /p/ (non-alveolar). Alveolar assimilation occurs when the /p/ is changed to an alveolar sound to assimilate, or conform to, the voiceless /s/. The result would sound like /sout/, with the /t/ (alveolar) replacing the /p/ (non-alveolar).

See also Assimilation, Phonological Processes, Alveolar

Nasality Voices that have an excessive nasal component to them.

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Nasal Consonants See Consonants.
Nasal Lisp See Lisp
Nasals See nasal consonants under consonants.
Neurophonia A spasm or tic of the muscles of phonation which cause an involuntary sound or cry.
Non-fluent Aphasia Also called expressive aphasia, this language impairment occurs when brain damage affects a person’s ability to produce expressive language, whether by speech or writing. Words are spoken with much difficulty and effort, but the patient’s understanding of language remains intact.

Types of nonfluent aphasia:

  • Broca’s Aphasia
  • Transcortical Motor Aphasia

See also Aphasia, specific types of aphasia.

Non-replicated Babbling See babbling
Non Standard Language See Language
Nonvocal Individuals who have not developed oral communication skills due to hearing impairment, intellectual disabilities, autism or severe physical handicaps.

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