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Term Definition
Weak Syllable Deletion The deletion of a syllable from a word. For example nana for banana.
Wernicke’s Aphasia A receptive (fluent) aphasia caused by damage to Wernicke’s area, the brain region responsible for language comprehension. The patient has difficulty understanding language, although he or she is able to speak with ease. Language is spoken with normal grammar, syntax, rate, and intonation, but language output is often nonsensical with missing or incorrect words due to impaired comprehension.


  • Language comprehension is impaired, often without the patient realizing it.
  • Speaking and writing are easily initiated.
  • Intonation (prosody) and stress of speech are normal.
  • Sentence structure and grammar are normal.
  • Large vocabulary, but words are used incorrectly.
  • Nonsensical words may be used.

Speech sample of patient with Wernicke’s aphasia:

Clinician: How did you get to therapy today?

Patient: You see, the bobble jumped and I was to eat.

Clinician: Do you have plans for later today?

Patient: Why smellow under the notebook lounger?

Also called sensory, receptive, or auditory aphasia.

See also Wernicke’s Area, Aphasia.

Wernicke’s Area Region of the brain that controls language meaning. Named after Carl Wernicke, this area is located in the posterior section of the superior temporal gyrus of the person’s language-dominant cerebral hemisphere (typically the left lobe). Damage to this area of the brain results in impaired language comprehension, including the areas of listening, reading, and speaking.

Also known as Brodmann’s area 22.

See also Wernicke’s Aphasia, Brodmann’s Areas.

Whisper A whisper is an unvoiced sound during exhalation of air in which the vocal cords do not vibrate. Adductive tension is low. medial compression and longitudinal tension is high.

Link 1: Types of phonation – University of Stuttgart
Link 2: Wikipedia – Whispering
Wh question See question
Word The smallest element in linguistics made up of one or more phonemes and one or more syllables that has literal or practical meaning.

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Word Finding Problem See Word Retrieval Problem
Word-Retrieval Problem The inability to find the right words, especially words for objects or proper names, when one is communicating. Also called Amonic aphasia.

Link 1: Wikipedia – Anomic Aphasia
Link 2: Wordfinding.com – a comprehensive site dedicated to the problem of word-retrieval.

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