We often say at Kidmunicate that communication is a gift. Some are born with it and some need a little lift.

Well, in Carly’s case many people were there to help lift her up in this inspirational story featured on ABC by John Stossel.

Carly gives hope to all parents who deal with kids who have autism.

For many parents of children with autism, the days are long and sometimes they wonder if all the work and therapy is worth the time, money and effort. Carly’s dad admitted in this video that he had felt this way at one time. The work was hard, the results were slow to come and the set backs were often, but Carly’s parents were blessed with unlimited patience and love for their little girl. The experts recommended a group home, but Carly’s parents could not turn their back on Carly even though she seemed desperately lost in her own mind and so so difficult to control.

Carly’s therapists also possessed inspiring patience during the endless hours of work with Carly year after year. Then one day at age 11, Carly went up to a computer and typed out the words HURT and HELP. These were words that neither her parents nor her therapists had specifically taught her. These two simple words changed the way the therapists and parents viewed Carly. To the therapy team and Carly’s parents, Carly typed HOPE in big bold letters.

Carly’s parents suddenly realized that she was present in the moment. The realization was so wonderful for the parents, but they were also a bit horrified because they realized that they had often talked about her, in front of her, as if she were not there. I guess Carly was unfazed by any previous comments that could have hurt a fragile self esteem, but Carly was did not have a fragile self-esteem. She had more confidence and hope deep inside of her then anyone could have ever guessed and she was finally able to express it.

The Kidmuncation Point

Never give up hope.