This Mom Learned American Sign Language for Her Daughter

It’s Mother’s Day, so I wanted to highlight a super mom named Rachel Coleman. Rachel helped her daughter Leah, who is deaf, to communicate with confidence. After Rachel learned about Leah’s disability, she quickly jumped into action because she knew that early intervention was so important to long term success. Rachel learned sign language and with the help of a speech therapist taught it to her daughter.

Sign language opened up the world

Leah’s world started to open up. There were a few kids in Leah’s class who knew a few signs and they were excited to share their skills with Leah. When Rachel saw this wonderful attempt at communication, her life’s mission came into full view. Soon after, Rachel volunteered to teach sign language at local pre-schools. As more kids learned sign language, her daughter’s circle of friends expanded.

Rachel, a musician and an actress, didn’t stop there. With the help of her sister, the inspiration of Leah and her artistic talents, she created Signing Time, a children’s video series that teaches basic American Sign Language (ASL) to children with disabilities. She produces and directs the series. She is also the CEO of Two Little Hands Production.

Leah created this video in tribute to her super mom.

The Kidmunication Point

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to every mom.

The bonds of friendship and community that every child needs starts with communication. I made it my mission to help children communicate with confidence. I applaud Rachel Coleman for her efforts, her dedication to her daughter, her talent and her entrepreneurial spirit. She is an inspiration to me and should be an inspiration to all moms of children with disabilities. I also applaud all the moms of the children that I work with who are active participants in their children’s speech and language therapy. It takes a team effort.