Paying for speech therapy was not in the plans

We know that paying for speech therapy was not in your plans when your child was born, but every week you find yourself paying for a licensed and qualified speech pathologist to help with your child. You pay because you know that early intervention and therapy sessions with a speech and language pathologist once or twice a week can make all the difference in the world for your child who is struggling with a speech and language disorder.

As you know, the ongoing cost can become significant. Sometimes parents need to make sacrifices in other areas of their household budget to keep their kids in a program. Sadly, some parents need to make the difficult decision to reduce or eliminate private sessions altogether. Hopefully a parent who needs to make that choice finds quality and consistent help and attention from the school system.

How we make Pediatric Speech Therapy More Affordable

At Kidmunicate, we do several things to help parents manage the cost of pediatric speech and language therapy:

  • We try our best to get to the desired outcome as quickly as possible.
  • We offer a family-centric approach, so that therapy techniques will carry over into the home. Hard work at home will net better results faster. You would not pay for piano lessons for your child without requiring them to practice at home, right? The same principle applies. We will teach you how to help your kid at home between sessions.
  • We work very collaboratively with the other caregivers, teachers and therapists in your child’s life. A coordinated effort yields better results faster.
  • We strive for continuity of clinical services. What does that mean? One therapist per child throughout your child’s journey through a program. We believe that a child will respond more favorably and quickly if they are comfortable with their therapist. This is especially important for kids with autism.
  • We accept some forms of insurance. This is new for our private practice.
  • We offer flexible session lengths. Ask about shorter sessions.

Potential Funding Source To Pay for Speech and Language Therapy

Paying for Speech Therapy with a UHCCF GrantThere is new source of funds that we just heard about today. The United Healthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) offers medical grants to help  parents pay for medical services, including paying for speech therapy.

By the way. You do not have to have UnitedHealthCare coverage to get the grant. There are several requirements that you can see when you visit

The Kidmunication Point

There are multiple ways to fund therapy. And there are multiple things that a parent can do to reduce the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired outcome which will reduce the amount a parent needs to pay for speech therapy.